Paxhell paxil.

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(This was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago, wtf. I don't know why it didn't post.)
I'm sooo sorry I haven't written forever, but hey, I have 7 followers now, yay.

      My life has been so busy during the last couple of months I have nowhere to start. I've been prescribed Paxil (30 mgs) for social anxiety & generalized anxiety. It's helped tremendously with my social life but the downside is that its helped with the daydreaming too. I do still daydream, but it is a bit more controllable and the storylines are crappier than they were. Sorry Boy X.
 On the other hand, I've met new friends. New friends brings new drama. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stay inside my mind or go out with real people. I feel alienated sometimes. I can't tell people what to say, think or do.
If I stay out too long, I get this feeling like I've been gone too long from my world. Reality overdose, complete with hangovers. The feeling drags into my stomach and continues until I go home. I can't stay out for long. D; 
Is any other mental disorder this ridiculous?

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